The Journey to Remember


We come into this world and immediately begin to learn, continually learning how to be a human.  We are told and shown by example how humans behave and are told what to believe.  We strive to learn as much as possible, we go to school to get diplomas and study  subjects that we are told are important to be successful. 

But what we may not realize is that we already know everything.  Our Soul is part of God and we know everything when we arrive, we begin to forget when we are told what to learn and believe.  

We think that we live this life to continually learn but in reality we are here to remember.  Our journey is to live a human life while remembering what and who we are when we enter this lifetime.

It can take a lifetime to forget what has been learned and remember what has always been.. 

Photograph provided by Jessica Hagan



Peggy Hagan shares some information about her mission.

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